Just a simple ball.


A cube with nicely rounded edges.


Standard Torus (R = r = 1).


Torus with R = 5/2 and r = 5/6.

Egg Cake

Torus with R = 9/5 and r = 6/5.


Dupin famous spiral!


Another one of Dupin's famous spiral.

Elliptic Eight

A polynomial of degree 6.


This is composed of slices of two donuts.

Twisted Eight

Kind of two Donuts put together with 90 degrees angle to each other.

Chain Donut

Infinitely many donuts pached together.

Triple Banana

This polynomial of degree 6 contains a monkey saddle.

Gorilla Donut

Some kind of Wanna-Be-Lawson surface of genus 3.

Monkey Donut - Kidney Style

Looks like a Kidney bean.

Monkey Donut - Tire Style

Merging three tires together may also results in a Monkey Donut...

Monkey Donut - Egg Style

Outline looks a bit like a (symmetric) egg.

Tetra Donut

Kind of a thickened tetrahedronal wire frame.

Tetra Donut - Tire Style

Kind of a thickened tetrahedronal wire frame in Tire Style.

Tetra Donut - Kidney Style

Kind of a thickened tetrahedronal wire frame in Kidney Style.

Cube Torus

Kind of a thickened wire frame of a cube.